With our expert consultants and unique products and services found nowhere else in the industry, we customize structured settlements exactly to our clients’ needs, solving complex problems quickly and strategically with the utmost consideration.

We work closely with clients and their attorneys, at no cost, to ensure that the financial needs of the injured party and insurer/insured are met through the use of a structured settlement. Our consultants are always available to answer any questions that arise regarding structured settlements. Clients can receive needs analysis, structured settlement proposals, economic analysis, and other services as needed. Claimant expenses such as future medical, educational funds, retirement planning, wage loss, etc., are carefully analyzed by the SFA consultant. Once a settlement option has been selected, the SFA associate will work with all parties to take care of the details required to finalize the settlement.

We will always provide an honest assessment as to whether a case should be structured. Claims evaluations are done with deep commitment to integrity and professionalism, and if a case is not an appropriate candidate, the consultant will advise the parties so they are free to pursue other settlement options.


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