Rob Skelton

Rob Skelton serves as our Aviation Sector Consultant. With over 25 years of professional aviation experience, Rob spent over 20 years as an F-16 pilot in the United States Air Force and retired from active duty as a Lieutenant Colonel.

He served as the Operations Officer and flew the #7 jet for the 2007-2008 USAF Thunderbirds. Rob’s background includes numerous assignments across US locations, as well as international assignments in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. He has certifications in numerous fighter and trainer aircraft as instructor and evaluator, as well as leadership
positions including Accident and Safety Board Investigations and Aircraft Maintenance oversight. Rob currently serves as a pilot and training department instructor for a major legacy airline.

He is a dad to 4 children spanning college to grade school. Rob brings a service and client focus to the firm diligently seeking proactive solutions for colleagues and clients.


USAF Accident and Safety Investigation Board President Course, 2010
USAF Aircraft Maintenance Course for Operational Commanders, 2009
Crew Resource Management Training, USAF, 1999
F-16 Instructor Pilot Training, USAF, 2000 / T-38 Instructor Pilot Training, USAF, 2009
USAF AETC Instructor Course, USAF, 2003

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Watch videos of Rob’s F-16 Flights

Riding with the Thunderbirds
Lt. Col. Rob Skelton- Flying Matt Rainey
Robert Skelton Thunderbird #7
Lt. Col. Rob Skelton- Flying Pontiac's Jason Line
Pontiac's Jason Line Pre-Flight Briefing USAF Thunderbirds