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Jennifer Johnston

Jennifer has joined SFA's Northern California team and brings over 25 years' experience in the insurance and financial services industry. Prior to joining SFA in February 2018 she was a structured settlement consultant at Millennium Settlements, Inc. for 2 years. Prior to that she was a financial advisor for over 20 years. She works with clients and attorneys creating structured Settlements for medical malpractice, personal injury, product liability, workers compensation, mass tort and class-action cases.

Jennifer enjoys helping others. She will provide the plaintiff with peace of mind by structuring a tailored comprehensive settlement plan that is unique to their situation.

Jennifer is also able to help attorneys working under contingency fee agreements defer taxes on their fees through traditional structure options as well as an option that provides market related returns.

She lives in Corte Madera California with her family and enjoys traveling, yoga and hiking. Print Bio

Memberships:  NSSTA, SFTLA, CAALA, CACC.

415.464.2060 Office
415.793-8404 Mobile