Jane Speranzini

Jane M. Speranzini is an SFA consultant located in Boston, MA with 30+ years of experience in structured settlements. Jane joined SFA in 2010 from The Pension Company where she was also a consultant since 1998. Prior to joining The Pension Company, Jane was a consultant with Galaher Settlements Company. She also has over 5 years in insurance claims. 

Jane specializes in handling complex damage cases using the future structure benefits to meet lifetime needs of the plaintiffs. She has extensive experience with Special Needs Trusts and Medicare Set-Aside Trusts along with other increasingly complicated health insurance issues. Her clients are defendants, plaintiffs, insurance companies, hospitals, and self-insured corporations. Her experience includes medical malpractice, product liability, general liability, NY labor law cases, and workers’ compensation. Jane attends mediations around the country helping the parties resolve their cases before trial. Routinely, she is in the most challenging jurisdictions assisting in the settlement of high profile cases. She works with the industries’ best claim professionals, defense attorneys, plaintiff attorneys, and mediators. 

Jane is married to Henry Speranzini and they have two children – Catherine and Jack. Besides being a consultant, wife, and mother Jane is an avid cyclist, cook, and gardener. 

Jane also received her Master’s Certificate in Structured Settlement Consulting® (MSSC®). The MSSC® program provides a comprehensive understanding of structured settlements, combining academic rigor and perspective with the latest developments impacting the industry. To complete the program Jane wrote and published a research paper; Structured Settlements in the Mediation Process. Print Bio




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