Iliana Valtchanova

Iliana Valtchanova is a Structured Settlement Consultant with fifteen years of excellent experience specializing in general liability, medical malpractice, commercial liability and workers' compensation claims, as well as employment cases involving wrongful termination and discrimination.

Iliana's responsibilities include attending settlement conferences and mediations designed to resolve claims. She regulary meets with clients, attorneys and injured parties to review information and produce structured settlement plans that are meaningful to the settlement negotiations. In addition, she provides structured settlement trainings, performs file reviews and participates in seminars regarding the use and befits of structured settlements. As part of this process, Iliana analyzes life care plans, projects future loss of earnings, assists attorneys with Internal Revenue Code guidelines and life insurance ratings. Iliana also oversees all structured settlement procedures including the review of settlement documents, as well as all functions necessary to conclude settlements. Iliana is dedicated to providing individuals and families with the professional attention necessary to help them achieve comprehensive settlement plans to establish a solid post-settlement financial foundation. Iliana also has experience helping clients protect eligibility for governmental benefits and resolving cases that involve the Medicare Sencondary Payer statue.

Iliana holds life, health and disability licenses in multiple states.

Iliana is a member of the National Structured Settlement Trade Association and holds a Bachelor's degree from Saint Peter's University. She is married and has a son and a daughter. Print Bio